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As an amateur singer who's out of practice and suffers with performance anxiety. It was really lovely to have someone who was warm, welcoming, friendly and encouraged a safe space. She broke it all down perfectly giving me tips with breath, resonance, articulation and pronunciation to make the sound better. Worth every penny, will definitely be rebooking

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Jasmin has been amazing in helping me get back into singing. She brings a wealth of knowledge, which has raised my awareness of what singing should feel like and what my voice is doing. Her positivity and encouragement make each lesson a fun and safe space to explore my voice. I have learnt so much in my first few lessons, and I can already feel and hear the improvement in my singing. An absolutely amazing vocal coach!

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Jasmin is the best teacher Ive ever had. Her methodologies are infused with kindness and her knowledge is constantly up to date. There is nothing she cant teach and she has helped me grow into a confident singer and performer!

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Jasmin creates a safe and fun environment in which to play, learn and grow. Taking the time to learn what you as a student feel comfortable with and what you want from the session. She builds a plan tailored to you and the skills you already have and together, you make progress. 

Highly recommend!

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I have been having lessons with Jasmin for about a year. Being older (beyond 50), I was uncertain at first - it seemed to be something a younger person might do. I wasn't entirely sure what I would get out of it or how much progress I might make. But it has been a fascinating and fun journey and I am really proud of what my voice can do now, compared to a year ago. Jasmin knows her craft and how to elicit results. Importantly, lessons are always fun and a real mental boost. 

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I had been out of vocal practice for a while and lost a lot of confidence in my singing. Jasmin created a safe space to work in and helped me gain that confidence back that I needed. Her knowledge has also helped me develop and understand so much more than I thought I could! Would highly recommend for anyone looking for singing lessons to develop their skill, become more confident or just to keep up practice....she is amazing!!!

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I started taking lessons because I wanted to learn how to sing but I actually got so much more out of it than that. These lessons have truly been a journey of self discovery which allowed me to be more aware of what my voice can achieve. This is not only helping me with singing, but also with public speaking and using my voice on a daily basis. Thank you Jasmin for helping me find and own my voice! I could not recommend this enough to anyone who wants to learn how to sing or generally wants to feel more in control of their speaking voice!

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Jasmin is a perfect teacher!

As a mainly classically trained and self taught singer, I am very happy to explore my voice with Jasmin. As a music teacher, I am also amazed by seeing the services she provides, plus her amazing website and teaching approaches, etc! Excellent! So, we will strongly recommend Jasmin to anyone who loves singing. We both believe “anyone can sing”.

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Jasmin is the ultimate tutor!


She's kind, expert, patient, honest and so so friendly. She's helped build my confidence up singing so much, really tailoring each lesson to just what I need and motivating myself to explore what my voice can do. I couldn't recommend her enough!!

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Our eleven-year-old daughter loves her singing lessons with Jasmin. Jasmin has hugely increased her confidence (and not just in singing but also generally in talking to people), explains technical aspects of singing to her in a way that she understands, talks to her about the meaning behind the words she is singing, and keeps it all fun at the same time. Highly recommend.

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Jasmin is an amazing teacher, she teaches more than just about sing but helps with building confidence and working with you for what you want to improve. I only did about 3 month worth of lesson but I learnt so much in such a short time. I was not very confident with singing at the start but at the end I could tell how much confidence I had and I realised how much I had improved. Thank you Jasmin for everything you did for me.

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Before having lessons with Jasmin I lost all my confidence in my voice and felt hopeless that I would ever be able to sing. I had my first lesson and she was able to tell where I was and how to help me. She made a safe and comfortable environment for me to sing and talk about anything regarding singing that was on my mind. She’s always open to answering questions and is a positive positive person! I had no prior experience in singing and she broke down concepts so that I was able to understand them. 10/10 I would highly recommend!

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Jasmin is very knowledgeable, with a professional warm friendly approach that puts you immediately at ease. Absolutely brilliant session.

Thank you!

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